Who are the Arizona Choir Boys LEMC?

Established in February of 2015, we are an Arizona nonprofit corporation under IRC 501 C3. Our members are active law enforcement officers, retired law enforcement officers or long term law enforcement supporters. We are an independent law enforcement motorcycle club, not affiliated with any other club.

Our members are law abiding citizens and do not support any criminal activities or any outlaw motorcycle club! Our members are expected to set good examples by not affiliating with any outlaw motorcycle club.

We will support and respect other law enforcement motorcycle clubs that share a similar mission and passion for riding motorcycles.


If you are interested in joining the Arizona Choir Boys LEMC contact us.


Our Code of Conduct:


1. Each member shall abide by all state and local laws, the club by-laws, code of conduct, and comply with reasonable requests from the executive board, club officers, or Sergeant at Arms.

2. No member shall conduct themselves in any rude, immoral, or disruptive manner during club meetings or events, by means of excessive profanity, gestures, insults, or discriminate against or harass a fellow member.

3. No member shall display or conduct any dangerous or reckless driving upon any public roadway or parking lot during any club meeting or event, including but not limited to speeding, racing, or driving under the influence.

4. No member shall consume alcohol to excess during any club ride or event, and shall keep in mind that we represent the law enforcement community. Any violation of the code of conduct/by-laws can have a detrimental effect on the clubs ability to support our brothers and sisters in law enforcement.

5. No member shall affiliate themselves with any outlaw motorcycle club or individual belonging to such club.

All members are subject to disciplinary action up to and including being expelled from the Arizona Choir Boys Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.


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