Early today, several of us rode to Cottonwood to make our donation to Sergeant Jeremy Daniels. We met Jeremy at the Cottonwood Public Safety Building. Jeremy, still on crutches, and Police Chief Jody Fanning greeted us. Chief Fanning told us that DPS was debriefing the officers involved in the incident on their investigation. He told us the news media reported the incident incorrectly. The media reported that eight suspects attacked eight police officers. The chief told us eight suspects attacked four police officers who fought the suspects until agencies came to their aid. Jeremy told us he was wounded with a 9mm round to his left thigh during the fight which lodged near the surface at the back of his thigh where it remains. Jeremy told us he planned to take his brother officers out for dinner with our donation. Both Jeremy and Chief Fanning greatly appreciated our donation and the brotherhood we shared with them. Chief Fanning volunteered on the camera to shoot photos of us with Jeremy.

I want to thank Bill “Fish” Fisher for reaching out to Jeremy to schedule our donation. We had a great Choir Boy turnout for today’s donation including Bill “Breezey” Hoffman, Bill “Fish” Fisher, Pete “Adam Henry” Wittenberg, Bob “Skullman” Kay, Chuck Fullington, Jay Jacobs, Randy “Gunner” Newman, Jim “Rotorwash” Gravatt, Chris “Superfly” Mays, Steve “Easy” Calfee and your humble state president. Also joining us was retired Phoenix Police Motor Officer Dean Ayers (who worked with Fish and Jay) and Kevin Hicks, a retired Chicago Fire Fighter (friend of Adam Henry). I also thank all of you for your dedication to the Arizona law enforcement community.

ROG “BAH” WALLER Arizona State President Choir Boys Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club

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