Early this afternoon, several of us met Phoenix Police Officer Eric Marlowe for our check presentation. We met Eric at a facility the Phoenix police department uses to conduct debriefings for officer involved shootings. We also met staff from the city’s employee assistance programs (EAP). The EAP staff thanked us for supporting Eric and told us he asked them if we could join them in their debriefing. Of course we declined.

The incident in which Eric was injured began with a 911 call from a man claiming to be surrounded by snipers in a park near 20th Street and Thomas Road in Phoenix. Eric was in front of the park when communications alerted patrol units in the area. Eric reported he was on scene and reported he did not see anyone in the park. Eventually, Eric and other officers located the caller in a parked minivan. When the officers tried to communicate with the man, he barricaded himself in the van and opened fire on officers nearby wounding Eric in the shoulder. Eric’s partner grabbed Eric, threw him into a nearby police vehicle and brought him to a local medical center. Eric told us the round hit the upper strap to his ballistic vest wounding his shoulder. Eric plans to return to work in a light duty position until he’s well enough to return to full duty. Eric was very grateful for our donation!

I want to thank Chris “Hot Soup” Chirico for reaching out to Eric and his sergeant to arrange for our donation today. I also want to thank those who turned out for today’s donation including Rick Hall, Pam Hall, Pete “Adam Henry” Wittenberg, Tim “Fraudman” Alvine, Bill “Fish” Fisher, Chris “Superfly” Mays, Ron “Hillbilly” Minner, Leslie Minner, Chris “Hot Soup” Chirico, and Randy “Gunner” Newman. Of course, I thank all of you for your dedication and support to the Arizona law enforcement community.

With respect,


Arizona President

Choir Boys LEMC

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