Tim “Fraudman” Alvine, Pete “Adam Henry” Wittenberg, Ron “Hillbilly” Minner, Chris “Hot Soup” Chirico, Don “BJ" Bjornsrud, Randy “Gunner” Newman and Roger "Bah" Waller met with Phoenix Police Officer Eric Gardner and his wife Tracy at their home today for our donation. Eric told us the suspect shot him three times with a .45 caliber handgun. The first round struck him in the center of his chest. His ballistic vest stopped the round but caused blunt force trauma to his chest. The second round struck his upper left arm (humerus) breaking it in two and damaging some nerves, and the third round hit his taser. He fell to the ground behind the car and the suspects drove off. He called dispatch reporting he had been shot and gave a full description of the car and the shooter that aided the responding officers to locate the suspect vehicle quickly. The two passengers in the car helped police locate the suspect the next day.

Eric left arm was bandaged from his wrist to his shoulder. Eric told us the surgeon inserted metal rods into his arm to reinforce the bone. He faces extensive rehabilitation and a possible tendon transplant.

Eric and Tracy greatly appreciated our $1,000 donation. Tracy told us they had planned a trip out of town without the kids before the shooting.

I want to thank Chris Chirico for setting up today’s donation and for providing us with updates on Eric’s condition. I want to thank the officers who attended today’s presentation and to all of you for your dedication to the Arizona policing community! Please keep Eric and Tracy in your thoughts and prayers!

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