Scottsdale Police Motor Officer Crenshaw was seriously injured in a crash. Bill “Fish” Fisher, Pete “Adam Henry” Wittenberg, Bill “Wally” Wallace, Ron “Hillbilly” Minner, Dale “Harvard” Langston, and I met with Officer Crenshaw, his wife, Terri, Officer Eric Reed, and Sergeant Runker, two Scottsdale police officers, in the intensive care unit of Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center today at 9:30. Wayne sat in a wheel chair with pins through his left calf and thigh attached to a rod. He is a big man standing 6’6 and weighing 300 pounds. He looks like he should be playing professional football.

I asked Wayne what happened. He told us he was traveling south on Jomax on his Honda police motorcycle when a car turned left in front of him at the intersection. Wayne hit the driver’s side front end taking a majority or the impact to his left leg. He saw the female driver looking at him as he crashed and flew over the car more than 160 feet before landing. He remained conscious and called in the crash. He knew he was badly hurt. He tore all muscles and ligatures to his left knee. He fractured the bones to his right lower leg. Surgeons repaired his right leg but wanted to give his right leg a chance to heal before trying to put his left leg back together. Wayne expects to be off from work for quite some time. He does not know whether he will return to motors.

The ICU authorized him to go outside. We shot some photographs with Wayne, Terri, Reed, and Runker with our bikes. Runker showed us photographs of the crash scene. Wayne’s motorcycle is totally destroyed with pieces all over the intersection. The small compact he hit is totaled.

Wayne, Terri, Reed and Runker were very appreciative of our donation and made us feel very welcome. We ran into more Scottsdale police officers at the Coffee Bean after leaving the hospital. They knew about our donation to Wayne and told us how much they appreciated our support. This was a good day.

I want to thank Fish for arranging the meet with Wayne and his family and I want to thank all of you for your hard work raising funds to make these donations possible.


State President

Arizona Choir Boys LEMC

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