DPS Officer Blake Richardson Donation

Richardson, a motorcycle trooper, was hit by a car while wrapping up a traffic stop on I-10 in west Phoenix in January.

Richardson also served in the Marines, spending time deployed overseas and becoming a member of the color guard.

Bill “Fish” Fisher, Jim “Rotorwash” Gravatt and I met with Blake Richardson and his girlfriend, Billie Jo, in his room in the rehab unit of Banner University Medical Center. Blake looked in tough shape. He was wearing a cervical collar, had an Iv, and wearing leg braces on both legs. Blake told us he works as a motor officer for DPS. He told us he had stopped a car and was writing the driver a ticket but does not remember anything else. The crash fractured his cervical spine at C1, C2, and C3 (incredibly dangerous), bruised his heart and lungs, ruptured his spleen (requiring additional emergency surgery), tore ligaments and tendons in his lower left leg and ruptured ligaments and tendons in his lower right leg. He has substantial damage to his right ankle causing foot drop. That is the injury he is most concerned with. Obviously, someone was watching over him because he survived.

We asked him about the driver of the car that hit him. Billie Jo, who works for DPS as well, told us the driver was not impaired. The driver claims another car edged him onto the shoulder of the road where he hit Blake, Blake's motorcycle, and the car Blake stopped.

We gave Blake our donation and a card. Blake was very appreciative and told us he has heard a lot about the Choir Boys. We told him about the club. He owns and rides Honda Gold Wing. We invited him to CUFFS. He told us they planned to go to CUFFS last year but something else came up.

I want to thank Bill Fisher for arranging the donation and to all of you for your hard work to help make this happen!

Best regards,


State President

Arizona Choir Boys LEMC

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