MCSO Deputy shot during DUI traffic stop

Several Choir Boys attended our donation to Bryan Wisda, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) deputy shot and wounded on Saturday, May 7th. Bryan, 39 years old, served as a deputy with the MCSO for two years. Bryan greeted us in the front of his home with his wife and one of his young sons. His second son was at a neighbor’s home. Bryan was on crutches.

Bryan told us about the shooting. Bryan was working a DUI task force on Saturday, May 7th. During a traffic stop at Price Road and University Drive in Tempe, he heard a gunshot. He thought the shot sounded some distance away. He heard a second gunshot, glanced down at his left leg and noticed he had been shot. He dove for cover behind his car. From cover, he saw a silver Cadillac driving away and radioed communications he had been shot, the description of the suspect vehicle (silver Cadillac), and the direction of travel. Occupants of the car he stopped saw he had been shot and wanted to help him. He told them to stay in the car for their own protection.

EMS responded and transported Bryan to Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center. The suspect shot Bryan twice. One round struck his left thigh and went through his left thigh. The second round struck Bryan in the buttocks. Surgeons elected to leave that round in because it is so deep.

Detectives moved quickly on this investigation. They found a Cadillac matching the description of the one leaving the scene of the shooting at a housing complex nearby. The license listed to a man detectives learned had been arrested for drunk driving by a MCSO deputy working on the DUI task force earlier on the night Wisda was shot. On Tuesday, May 10, MCSO and Tempe deceives and a tactical team executed a search warrant at the suspect’s home. The suspect shot himself in the head with a rifle spraying the officers with blood, tissue, and bone from his head. The suspect was 51 year-old unemployed engineer.

I want to thank Ron “Hillbilly” Minner who notified me of the shooting, Mason “Cage” Minner who provided me with some additional details, and Gary “G-Man” for contacting Bryan and scheduling our donation.

I want to thank Bill “Breezey” Hoffman, Bill “Fish” Fisher, Chris “Hot Soup” Chirico, Jay Jacobs, Tony “T-Bone” Anger, Randy “Gunner” Newman, Bob “Beagle” Calhoun, Gary “G-Man” D’Agostino, Jim “Popeye” Jones, and Mike Taylor for attending today’s donation (see photo below).

With respect,


State President

Arizona Choir Boys LEMC

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