Phx Officer Glasser killed in shootout

A 12-year veteran of the Phoenix police force died following an exchange of gunfire that also left the 19-year-old suspect dead, authorities said. Officer David Glasser died Thursday, a day after he was shot while responding to a call about a son stealing guns from his father. Trying to hold back tears, Police Chief Joe Yahner said the memory and service of Glasser "will be honored from this day forward." "He embodied what a Phoenix police officer is," Yahner said. "Dave served his community and he continues to serve right now as he is donating his organs for the betterment of people he doesn't even know." Glasser was married and had a son and daughter. He grew up in Phoenix and graduated from Arizona State University. "We lost a hero," Yahner said. "We lost an outstanding member of our community, a father and a great police officer."

On Tuesday, May 24, the Phoenix Police Union held a fund raiser for the family of Officer David Glasser on the grounds of their office building. Law enforcement officers from all over the state of Arizona attended the event. It was very well attended. Several of the AZ Choir Boys attended the event. At 2 PM, we met with Tom Van Horn, Officer Glasser’s lieutenant, to present our check for David’s wife, Kristen. Lt. Van Dorn was very appreciative and told us he would give the check to Kristen later today.

I want to thank Chris “Superfly” Mays for arranging the donation with Lt. Van Dorn. I also want to thank Chris Mays, Tim “Fraudman” Alvine, Bill “Breezey” Hoffman, Bill “Fish” Fisher, Randy “Gunner” Newman, Jim “Rotorwash” Gravatt, Bob “Beagle” Calhoun, Steve “Easy” Calfee, Pete “Adam Henry” Wittenberg, Jim “Flip Flop” Adams, Larry “Big Bang” Urbanek, Mike Taylor, Paul Walicke, and Bryan Hoyt for attending today’s donation (see photo).

Please keep David and Kristen Glasser and their two children in your thoughts and prayers.

With respect,


State President

Arizona Choir Boys LEMC

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