Donation for injured Phoenix Sergeant

Early Tuesday morning, 9/13/16 a vehicle plowed into Phoenix officers standing outside QuikTrip convenience store on Camelback.

Sergeant Anthony was meeting a rookie and a third Officer at the QuikTrip to talk about expectations of performance. The three officers were standing in the parking lot in front of the store. About 1:45 a.m., a man pulled into the QuikTrip and backed into a parking space, where he sat for several minutes. He then pulled out of the space, rounded the parking lot and accelerated as he crashed into the officers and then into the store

The rookie, a 33-year-old police officer who was on his first day of duty suffered a head injury, and police Sergeant Anthony, 41, suffered a broken leg. The third officer, 36, managed to jump out of the way but was injured during an extended struggle with the driver. Sergeant Anthony, who had fallen to the pavement, called for assistance. The sergeant has 18 years of experience and the 36-year-old officer has eight years of experience.

The three officers were taken to hospitals for treatment. The sergeant and the rookie officer, who suffered a concussion and other head injuries, were in serious condition. The third officer was taken as a precaution, evaluated and released.

On Friday, September 23, at 10 AM, several Choir Boys met with Sergeant Mark Smith, at the Phoenix Police Sergeant and Lieutenants Association (PPSLA), 8821 North 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85020-2971. We gave him Anthony’s check for $1,500. Mark told us Anthony suffered a complete break of his right femur requiring surgery to repair. He had the surgery two days ago. The hospital released him to go home but he does not have any family in town. The funds we gave will help Anthony’s wife fly to Phoenix to help him. We told Mark that if Anthony needed help with anything to call us.

Our thought and prayers are with all these officers.

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