Kingman AZ Officer Shot - Donation

On Thursday, October 13, 2016 several Choir Boys rode to Kingman, AZ to meet with Kingman Police Officer Dennis Gilbert. We arrived at his home at 1 PM where we met Dennis and his wife. Gilbert retired from the US Marine Corps in 1999 and joined the Kingman Police. He has 17 years with the Kingman Police. Dennis recounted the shooting incident with us. A friend of Jeffrey Cave, the suspect, loaned Cave his .223 assault rifle. When the friend went to Cave’s home to retrieve his rifle, Cave pointed a handgun at him. The friend reported this to the Kingman Police. Dennis drafted a search warrant for the rifle. When they went to the door to execute the warrant, Cave came to the door armed with a .38 revolver. They ordered Cave to drop the gun. Cave shot Dennis. Dennis and other officers returned fire killing Cave. Cave took approximately 10 rounds. EMS including Kingman Fire responded to the scene. One of the fire fighters that arrived on scene was Dennis' son. His son did not know his father had been shot. Dennis showed us the entry wound located below his left arm pit. Surgeons split him open from his groin to his chest to remove the .38 round. Once they opened him up, they chose to leave the round in him because of its location. Dennis remains on medical leave until he recovers from his wound. Dennis was very grateful for our donation and the number of members who came to deliver it. I want to thank Randy “Gunner” Newman, Scott “Hollywood” Smith, Steve “Easy” Calfee, Ron “Hillbilly” Minner, Bob “Skullman” Kay, Chuck Fullington, Rick Hall, Pat Murphy, Rick Loomis, and John Yardley for traveling to Kingman with me to attend the donation. I also want to thank Ed Arvizu who helped me make this donation possible. ROG “BAH” WALLER State President Arizona Choir Boys LEMC

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