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On Tuesday, February 21, at 11 AM, several Choir Boys and I met with DPS Trooper Ed Anderson at at Rudy’s Country Store and Bar-B-Q, in Goodyear. Several of Ed’s DPS colleagues also attended. When Ed arrived, he wore a sling on his right arm and told us he just came from physical therapy. Chris “Superfly” Mays, past Arizona Region One President, presented Ed the club's check and thanked him for his service. Ed appreciated our donation and stayed with us for quite some time talking. He offered to tell us about what happened. The following is an account of what happened by Ed and Thomas Yoxall.

On Thursday, January 12, at approximately 4:20 AM, DPS dispatch received a call of a car being shot at on Interstate 10 east of the California border. DPS Trooper Ed Anderson, a 27 year veteran, and a second DPS unit responded. Ed received at least three calls on this incident in route. During his response, he came upon a man sitting on the white highway line border rocking back and forth with a woman in his arms. He notified dispatch of this and that he would be out with them. DPS later identified the man as 37 year-old Leonard Pennales-Escobar, a former Mexican police officer, and the woman as 23-year-old Vanessa Monique Lopez-Ruiz.

Ed approached them on foot and and asked what happened. Escobar started yelling at him in Spanish pointing toward the other side of the highway. Ed looked and saw a car that had obviously been in a rollover crash.

Ed went back to his squad and requested a air rescue unit for Ruiz. He positioned his squad on the highway to protect Escobar and Ruiz. He started laying down flairs on the highway but kept an eye on Escobar and Ruiz. He laid down a flair and when he looked up Escobar was gone. Ed scanned for Escobar and found him to his rear pointing a handgun at him. Ed reached for his handgun and Escobar shot him in the right shoulder. The round totally destroyed Ed's right shoulder joint and he lost the use of his right arm. Escobar attacked Ed and knocked him to the ground, got on top of him, and began pounding his head into the pavement.

Thomas Yoxall, 43 years old, was traveling west on I-10 to California with his wife. As they approached Ed's cruiser, he saw Ed lying on his back on the highway with Escobar sitting on top of him

hitting Ed. Yoxall stopped to help. When Yoxall got out of his car, Ed asked him for help. Yoxall retrieved his handgun from his car and went back to Ed. Escobar was still pounding Ed's head into the pavement. Yoxall ordered Escobar to stop. Escobar ignored him and kept assaulting Ed. Yoxall shot Escobar in the hip and the second to his head. This round transversed Escobar skull and he fell off Ed. Yoxall started administering first aid to Ed. Escobar was not dead. He got back up and attacked them. Yoxall shot Escobar a second time to his the head killing him.

Escobar did not have a criminal record in the United States but was a known drug user. Lopez-Ruiz had several active arrest warrants ranging from drug possession to theft. DPS does not know why Escobar attacked Anderson.

Ed faces another surgery to his shoulder and expects a long and hopefully a sucessful recovery. He hopes to return to work at some point. Ed told us he rides a motorcycle and he would like to ride with us someday. We told him we would welcome a ride with him.

Several choir boys worked hard to schedule this donation including Craig “Buckaroo” Jones, Arizona Region Two, Mike “Guido” Batelli, Arizona Region Five, Jay “Underdog” Jacobs, Arizona State Secretary, and Chris “Superfly” Mays. I thank them for their efforts. I also want to thank Chris “Superfly” Mays, Bill “Fish” Fisher, Arizona State Vice President, Jay “Underdog” Jacobs, Bill “Breezey” Hoffman, Arizona Region One President, Jim “Rotorwash” Gravatt, Arizona Region Six President, Steve “Easy” Calfee, Arizona Region Six Vice President, Matt Roth, Arizona Region Five, and Kevin Pendergraft, Arizona Region Five, who attended the donation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Please share with your regions.

Thank you!

Safe riding,


Arizona State President

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