Several Choir Boys went to the home of injured Mesa Police Officer Thomas McKnight and presented him with a check for $1,000. Tom was very appreciative. He told us he lost the use of his arms after the assault and the EMOR doctor wanted to send him to surgery the next morning but he wanted a second opinion. He went to a neurosurgeon for another opinion and the surgeon wants to fuse three vertebrae. After the surgery, he’s looking at a six month recovery period before he can return to work. He looked very tired. He told us he has been in constant pain since the assault and has not been able to sleep.

We had two special guests at today’s presentation. Jim “Wolfman” Fortier, National Vice President, and Mike “Big Mike” Watts, National Secretary, traveled to Arizona to attend the presentation. Our special thanks to them. I also want to thank Jim “Rotorwash” Gravatt, Arizona Region Six President, for reaching out to Tom and then scheduling the donation. Bill “Fish” Fisher, Arizona State Vice President, Pete “Adam Henry” Wittenberg, past Arizona State Vice President, Mark “Speed” Quick, Arizona Region Three President, Randolph “Gunner” Newman, and Scott “Goat” Smith attended as well and I thank them each and everyone.

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