Donation for Injured AZ Officer Seanez

On Saturday, March 25, several Choir Boys traveled to the home of Phoenix Police Officer Sal Seanez to make our donation of $1,000 to him. Sal greeted us with his left leg in a cast on a leg scooter . As you recall, this journey began on Thursday, March 16, at approximately 9:30 PM, when Phoenix police including Chris "Hot Soup” Chirico, Officer Sal Seanez and other officers responded to an unknown trouble call at a private residence near Amelia Avenue and 8th Street. When they arrived, they encountered a man outside pointing what the officers believed to be a handgun directly at Hot Soup. The handgun turned out to be a flashlight. The officers went hands on and during the process of taking the suspect to ground, Officer Seanez landed awkwardly on a street curb and heard a loud snap or pop and knew he broke his leg.

The officers summoned EMS and they transported Officer Seanez to Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center. Medical authorities determined Seanez broke his left tibia and fibia. Sal told us he has broken bone still dangling in his leg and torn ligaments. He scheduled for surgery within a week and expects to be off from work for more than six months.

Sal invited us into his home where Chris Chirico presented him with our check. Sal was very appreciative of our donation. Sal knows about the Choir Boys as he attended our donation to the family of Hayden Police Officer Michael Haddad killed in a motorcycle accident on the way to work as a Hayden police officer. Sal had a photo of Officer Haddad in his kitchen.

I want to thank Chris Chirico for notifying me of Sal’s injury, and for setting up and attending our donation. I also want to thank Bill “Fish” Fisher, Jay “Underdog” Jacobs, Jim “Rotorwash” Gravatt, Ron “Hillbilly” Minner, Chris “Superfly” Mays, Randy “Gunner” Newman and David “Fuchi” Newland for attending the donation.

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