Injured Phx Officer Wolfenden Receives Donation from AZ Choir Boys

On June 18, at approximately 4 AM, 32 year old Phoenix Police Officer James Wolfenden, a two year veteran of the department, was traveling northbound in a police Chevrolet Tahoe SUV on 35th Avenue. As he arrived at Glendale Avenue, a pickup truck traveling on Glendale ran a red light at the intersection, struck the SUV on the driver’s side causing it to rollover. Another Phoenix officer on a different call nearby, heard the crash, and responded to the scene. The officers found Officer Wolfenden crushed and trapped inside the SUV. The officer tried removing the windshield to get at Officer Wolfenden but cut her hand on the broken glass. EMS responded, extricated Officer Wolfenden, and transported him to John C. Lincoln Medical Center in critical condition. Emergency Room doctors examined Officer Wolfenden and determined he had a crushed pelvis and left hip with related internal injuries and underwent emergency surgery. Phoenix police reported they expect Officer Wolfenden to remain hospitalized for several days. He underwent two surgeries so far and faces a 12 to 18 month recovery away from work.

Several AZ Choir Boys rode to visit Officer Wolfenden in the Hospital and present him with a check to assist during this difficult time. He and his wife were very appreciative.

Marine veteran and Phoenix Police officer James Wolfenden is a father of two. His wife is a local teacher and he was working overtime to subsidize her income for the summer. Due to the extent of his injuries, he will require extensive care preventing both he and his wife from working for several months. This will cause an unprecedented financial burden on thier family. A fund was created by family and friends with the hope of easing their financial struggles during a challenging time so their focus can be on healing and supporting each other. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated and will go toward helping a genuinely good family. Fund for Officer Wolfenden

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