Donation for Injured Tempe Officer Fink

On Thursday, June 29th, at 5 PM, we met with injured Tempe Police Officer Heith Fink and his family at his home to present the club’s donation. Heith has been an officer with the Tempe Police for more than twenty years and a motor officer for sixteen of those years. Heith greeted us wearing a cast on his right forearm and upper arm. Ron Minner explained who we are and what we do. Dale Langston presented Heith with our donation. Heith and his family were very appreciative. Heith told us the suspect stabbed his face, his left and right arm, and his chest with a serrated knife. He showed us the wound to his left arm where you could clearly see a scar from a serrated knife blade. Heith's partner saw the suspect attack Heith and shot the suspect several times. Unfortunately, one round hit Heith’s right forearm. Heith’s partner placed a tourniquet on his upper arm and called for help. Heith called his wife as he was being loaded onto the ambulance to let her know he had been shot but was ok. Heith’s wife, a registered nurse, received that phone call from Heith as she was getting their three children ready for the day. Heith was very appreciative of his partner’s actions that morning. Heith told us he and his partner had just completed firearms training on moving targets. Heith hopes to return to work as soon as possible but faces some medical and employment challenges. We wish him a full and speedy recovery.

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