Donation to injured MCSO Dave (Bear) Crissinger

On Sunday, July 16, Crissinger, a 30 year veteran of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, and Deputy Mike Finney were working at the Salt River Recreation Center. While there, they responded to the report of a minor accident. When they arrived, they learned that the driver of one of the vehicles (truck) involved had fled but the passenger remained with the truck.

Deputy Finney went to the passenger side of the truck and opened the door to look for the registration. When Finney opened the door, he saw a gun in the door panel. The passenger came rushing at Finney and Finney thought the passenger was going for the gun. Finney yelled “gun” and Crissinger grabbed the passenger (suspect) from behind. The suspect elbowed Crissinger in the face. The suspect, a former ASU wrestler, broke free but Crissinger grabbed him and lifted him up to bring him to the ground. Crissinger was spinning the suspect around when Crissinger caught his boot under the truck and shattered both his tibia and fiber. When they went to the ground, Crissinger also dislocated a finger to his left hand and fractured his right thumb. The suspect broke free and then fought two more deputies, a forest ranger, a canine and lost.

As many of you know, Dave “Bear” Crissinger, was a brother Choir Boy for several years. Ron (Hillbilly) went to visit Bear at the hospital on 7/17. He had surgery and expects to be off from work from six to eight weeks.

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