Arizona Choir Boys LEMC Donation for Injured Officer Phillips

On Monday, October 9th, at 6 PM, several Choir Boys road to the home of Phoenix Police Officer Jaime Phillips. As you recall, DPS Trooper Brad Kudler notified the club of Officer Phillip’s injury and he scheduled our donation. Officer Phillips greeted us at the door on crutches and in a cast on his lower left leg. I told Officer Phillips about the Choir Boys and gave him our donation.

As you recall this all began on Saturday, September 23, when Officer Phillips responded to a man with a knife in the area of 7th Avenue and Thomas Road (Mountain View Precinct). Officer Phillips located the suspect. While attempting to take him into custody, Officer Phillips sustained an injury to his left knee. Officer Phillips told us the suspect had a backpack on. Officer Phillips grabbed the backpack to take the suspect to the ground. The suspect moved in one direction and Officer Phillips moved in another and he started to fall. As he was falling, he looked down at his left leg and saw it bent in at the knee in the wrong direction. He fell on top of the suspect and laid on top of him until other officers arrived to help.

EMS transported Officer Phillips to St. Joseph’s Medical Center. Emergency medical determined he had broken his left tibia just below the knee. He underwent surgery on Sunday, September 24th where surgeons inserted a metal plate and several screws. Officer Phillips told us he faces more surgery on the tendons and ligaments to his left knee. The surgeon expects Officer Phillips to be off from work for several months during his recovery.

I thank Bill “Breezey” Hoffman and Bill “Fish” Fisher for attending the donation with me. Jaime thanked us for our donation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you!


Arizona State President

Choir Boys Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club

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