Injured Phx Motor Officer Gjelhaug Donation

On Sunday, October 29, at 1 PM, several Choir Boys rode to the home of Phoenix Police Officer Adam Gjelhaug. Adam’s wife greeted us and invited us into their home. Adam was sitting on his

couch with his two sons nearby. Adam uses a walker to get around. Chris Mays gave Adam our donation. Adam was very appreciative. Adam faces at least five more weeks off duty. Ron Minner asked Adam to tell us what happened and he told us the following. On Saturday, October 21, at approximately 10:40 PM, Phoenix Police Motor Officer Adam Gjelhaug was traveling on McDowell Road on his police motorcycle when a full-sized pick truck turned left in front of him at

67th Avenue. Gjelhaug was unable to stop and collided with the side of the truck. Gjelhaug was thrown from his motorcycle. He recalls making a complete somersault in the air and then landing on the truck and then onto the street. He saw the truck leave the scene and Adam realized he was laying on the street and in danger of being hit by other cars. He managed to get up and move off the street and then several bystanders stopped to help him. When the driver of the truck fled from the crash scene, a witness to the crash followed the truck and notified the police. Phoenix police located the truck but the driver had fled. My thanks to Bill Hoffman who notified me of Officer Gjelhaugs injury and to Chris Mays who gathered the information on the crash and for scheduling our donation. I thank Chris Mays, Bill

Fisher, Jay Jacobs, Bill and Kathi Hoffman, Buzz Sawyer, Pete and Michelle Wittenberg, Jim Adams, Ron Minner, Mike Taylor, Paul Walicke, John Yardley, Wayne Martin, and Chris Ellis, Commander of American Legion Post 39, for attending today’s presentation.

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