AZ Pinetop Officer Hummer Shot on Duty- Donation from Arizona Choir Boys LEMC

On Saturday, November 18, at 1 PM, several Choir Boys went to the home of Pinetop Police Officer David Hummer for our club donation. David, his wife Faye, and their four children met us outside as we arrived. David showed us his wound to his right thigh and told us it was a through and through wound with no damage to the bone. However, he is still experiencing some nerve damage. Until then, he remains injured on duty status. We thanked him for his service and gave him our donation. He was very appreciative.

This all began on Sunday, October 9, at 10:12 PM, when Pinetop-Lakeside Police Officer David Hummer and other officers responded to the 1900 block of West Gardner Lane on the report that 46 year-old Glenn Southwood, was intoxicated and had threatened to shoot his wife. When the police arrived, they encountered Southwood who appeared to be intoxicated. Southwood opened fire on the officers wounding Officer Hummer in the right thigh. Police returned fire and Southwood barricaded himself inside the home. Officers provided first aid to Officer Hummer and he remained on scene. At 3 AM, police entered the home and found Southwood dead inside. They later determined he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. EMS responded and airlifted Officer Hummer to Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center for surgery.

I thank Bill Fisher, Jay Jacobs, Mike Batelli, Bob Kay, Chuck Fullington, Kevin Pendergraft, Jim Gravatt, Stephen Calfee, Pete and Michelle Wittenberg, Jim Adam, Chris Gitch, Mike Taylor, Fred Madanick, Ed and Daette Petry, Scott Smith, and Wayne Martin for attending the donation.

ROG WALLER Arizona State President Choir Boys Law Enforecement Motorcycle Club

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