Donations needed for MCSO Sgt Stephen Chervenak

On Wednesday, November 29th, at approximately 7 PM, Amy Chervenak, 47 years old, and her 11 year old daughter, were walking down the sidewalk near their Phoenix home. Trent Ferree, 45 years old, drove his pickup truck onto the sidewalk and struck Amy and her daughter from behind as they walked. Witnesses told police that after striking the pair, Ferree backed up over Amy (crushing her) and then drove forward hitting her again. Bystanders ran to Ferree, pulled him from his truck, and detained him until the police arrived. EMS responded to the scene and transported Amy and her daughter to a local hospital. After arrival there, Amy died from her injuries. Chervenak's daughter remains hospitalized with serious injuries. The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) identified Amy as the wife of MCSO Deputy Steve Chervenak and the 11 year old girl as his daughter. During their investigation, Phoenix police learned that Ferree had attempted to hit two other pedestrians on a sidewalk earlier in the day but they were able to jump out of the way. The Maricopa County Attorneys Office charged Ferree with First Degree Murder and with three counts of Attempted First Degree Murder. He remains in custody with a million dollar bond. As law enforcement officers, we respond to tragic events daily. Seldom do we experience the personal tragedy and horror that MCSO Deputy Steve Chervenak and his family faced this past week. Several active and retired deputies of the MCSO are members of the Arizona Choir Boys LEMC. Our MCSO brothers have reached out to our club and asked us to help Steve and his family during this terrible time. Our by-laws prevents the club from making a donation to Steve from club funds. However, our club has always been very generous personally when asked to help brothers and sisters in need. I respectfully ask that members make a personal donation to the Chervenak family. Arizona placed a gofundme link on our national website to help facilitate that. I thank each and everyone of you for your generosity in advance. Our thoughts and prayers remain with Steve and his family during this terrible time!


With respect, Rog Waller State President Arizona Choir Boys LEMC CLICK HERE TO DONATE

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