Arizona Choir Boys LEMC Donation, Phoenix Officer O'Campo Stabbed On-Duty Injury

On Sunday, December 17, several Choir Boys attended the club donation to Phoenix Police Officer William O’Campo.

Officer O’Campo greatly appreciated our donation. Will is a 20 veteran of the United States Marine Corps. After retirement, Will joined the Phoenix Police Department. Will recounted the incident. On Wednesday, February 7th, at approximately 9:30 AM, Officer O’Campo, an 11 year police veteran, and his partner, a 22 year police veteran, responded to a suspicious vehicle call in the area of 17th Avenue and Van Buren Street in Phoenix. The officers found the vehicle at a Circle K Store, 1700 West Van Buren, and conducted a traffic stop. When they ran the vehicle’s plate and it came back as a stolen vehicle out of Phoenix. The officers arrested the driver, handcuffed and searched him, and placed him in the back seat of their patrol vehicle. The officers ran the suspect’s name through NCIC and learned he had an outstanding warrant for child molestation and kidnapping from another state. Officer O’Campo told us the suspect was parked only a block away from an elementary school.

The suspect complained the handcuffs were too tight. Officer O’Campo and his partner removed the suspect from their car to loosen his handcuffs. As the officers removed the suspect from the car, the suspect broke free and ran. Officer O’Campo chased the suspect and tackled him to the ground. The suspect had a knuckle type knife and during the struggle on the ground, the suspect stabbed Officer O’Compo twice in the right thigh.

Officer O’Campo was transported to a local hospital to be treated for his stab wounds and an injury to his back. Officer O’Campo learned he herniated several discs in his back during the incident causing numbness to his right foot and thigh. Despite physical therapy, Officer O’Campo’s condition has not improved. Due to the injuries and trauma that Officer O’Campo suffered, Phoenix police are considering awarding Officer O’Campo for a medical retirement.

I thank Ponch for bringing Officer O’Campo’s serious injury and current situation to our attention and for scheduling and attending today’s donation. I also thank Pete and Michelle Wittenberg, Paul and Carol Walicke, Mary Waller, John Hoover, and Steve Singer for attending today’s donation.

Please keep Officer O’Campo in your thoughts and prayers! When you see him, please thank him for his dedicated service to our country and to the citizens of Phoenix!

God bless our military and police veterans!

ROG WALLER Arizona State President Choir Boys LEMC

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