AZ CB LEMC Donation to PC Motor Officer Shot in the Line of Duty

On Thursday, August 23, AZ Choir Boys Mike Batelli, Brian Hoyt and I met with Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier, Deputy Jose Velasco, his wife, and several of his colleagues to present the club donation to Deputy Velasco. Both Deputy Velasco and his wife were very appreciative. Jose told us that when he was hit, the bullet entered his lower thigh and traveled up and through his thigh and came back out close to his groin. Amazingly, the bullet did not strike a major artery or bone. He told us he continues with physical therapy and he’s working hard so he can return to duty as a motor officer. As you may recall, this incident began:

On Tuesday, July 17, at approximately 3:30 PM, Deputy Jose Velasco, a motor officer, made a traffic stop on Ajo Way and Country Club in Tucson’s south side. Deputy Velasco walked up to the stopped vehicle. Juan Manuel Correa-Leyva, 27 years old, the driver of the vehicle, drove away and dragging Velasco a short distance. Velasco managed to free himself from the suspect’s car, got back on his motorcycle, and gave chase. When Correa-Leyva stopped at a traffic light, Velasco got off his motorcycle and approached Correa-Leyva again. Correa-Leyva jumped out of the car and opened fire on Velasco striking Velasco’s thigh. Velasco returned fire killing Correa-Leyva. Velasco radioed for help and applied a tourniquet to leg to stop or slow the bleeding. EMS responded and transported Velasco to Banner University Medical Center where he received treatment for a gunshot wound.

My thanks to Mike Batelli and Brian Hoyt for attending the donation with me. My special thanks to Mike for contacting the sheriff’s office and working with them to schedule our donation.


Arizona Choir Boys LEMC President

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