AZ Choir Boys LEMC Donations for Phoenix Officer Cruz

On Tuesday, August 21, Bill Fisher and I met with Phoenix Police Commander Martos, Officer Adrian Cruz, and his wife in the Intensive Care Unit at John C. Lincoln Medical Center. Commander Martos contacted Bill Fisher the night before and asked him to make the donation in the ICU early the next morning. ICU limits the number of visitors. Officer Cruz still had an IV. Officer Cruz and his wife were very appreciative of our donation. As you recall, this incident began:

On Thursday, August 16, at approximately 8 PM, Phoenix Police Officer Adrian Cruz initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle traveling west bound on Cactus Road. The vehicle continued westbound without any signs of stopping despite Officer Cruz siren and top lights on. The vehicle pulled into the left turn lane behind another stopped vehicle at the intersection of East Cactus and North Cave Creek Road and stopped. Officer Cruz got out of his patrol vehicle and approached the driver’s side window on foot. Witnesses saw the suspect shoot twice from inside his vehicle at Officer Cruz wounding him. Officer Cruz returned fire and took cover behind his patrol SUV. The suspect got out of his vehicle, stepped up onto the median, and started shooting again at Officer Cruz. Officer Cruz returned fire critically wounding the suspect. EMS responded to the scene and transported Officer Cruz to John C. Lincoln Medical Center. After emergency surgery, medical authorities listed Officer Cruz as critical but stable condition.

After Officer Cruz’ release from the hospital on Thursday, August 24, he thanked the community for their support and said, ""I have a long road to recovery but I can't wait to go back to work and serve you, our community,” Officer Cruz is 27 years old and has less than two years with the Phoenix Police Department.

I want to thank Bill Fisher who made all the arrangements with Commander Martos, Officer Cruz, and his family to facilitate this donation. The short notice and the ICU visitor limits precluded inviting all of you to the donation. I am certain all of you understand.

Please keep Officer Cruz in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy and successful recovery!


State President

Arizona Choir Boys LEMC

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