AZ Choir Boys LEMC Donations for Fallen DPS Officers Edenhofer & Dorris

On Wednesday, August 22, Mike Batelli, Bill Fisher, Jay Jacobs, Bill Hoffman, Brian Hoyt, Bill Anderson, and Laura Mancino met with Debbie Edenhofer, Trooper Tyler Edenhofer’s mother, Trooper Darlin Dorris and his wife, and several members of the DPS command staff at the Public Safety building in Youngstown to present our donation to Mrs. Edenhofer and Trooper Dorris. Mrs. Edenhofer and Trooper Dorris were both very appreciative of our donation. As you may recall, this began on:

Wednesday, July 25, at approximately 10:20 PM, DPS dispatchers received several calls of a man, later identified as 20 year-old Issac King, throwing objects at passing vehicles on Interstate 10 near Avondale Boulevard. DPS Trooper Darlin Dorris arrived first. When he made contact with King and tried to get him off the highway, a fight ensued. Troopers Tyler Edenhofer, and Sean Rodecap arrived and assisted Trooper Dorris with the struggle which lasted for several minutes. During the struggle, King got control of a Trooper Rodecap's gun and fired two shots killing Trooper Edenhofer and wounding Trooper Dorris in the shoulder. Trooper Rodecap was also injured during the fight.

Trooper Edenhofer, 25 years old, began his career with DPS in September of 2017 and had graduated from the DPS academy in May of this year. He was a veteran of the US Navy. Debbie told us being a state trooper was Tyler’s dream job. Trooper Dorris began his career with DPS in 2005. He told us when he was shot, the bullet entered his right trapezius muscle and exited his right shoulder blade. He told us he faces several more weeks of rehabilitation before he can return to work.

I want to thank Mike Batelli for working with DPS Major McGovern to schedule our donation to Debbie Edenhofer and Trooper Dorris. I also want to thank our brothers and sister listed above and to the DPS command staff who attended our donation.

AZ Choir Boys LEMC State President


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